2014 Holiday Mess

Ok people now its time to really get ready for the holiday season.  It looks like its going to be a long one. As i guess it so much stuff has happen in the past few months that I wonder if this hiliday will be the same.  Black friday came and went casue bigger things that we as people need to look at.  I dont know but it looks like this holiday season is not going to be the same at all.  How can any one be in the holiday spirit when there is so much killing and kids missing everyday.   

As a sit here watching hallmark to get some type of feeling I thing of years of head to head basketball or clothes.  Just the feeling of having all my family together opening presents and drinking egg nog.  Now let me tell you about the egg nog.  I love that drink i wish they had it all year round.  My mom would have to buy at least 4 cartons of it cause i can drink it all day.  I can a kid at heart when it comes to the holidays.   

So tell me what was your favorite christmas and explain cause I want to feel like i eas there.  Send me your comments. 

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