Feature: Tamar Braxton...Get Your Coins

Ok I'm here watching an episode of Tamar and Vince.  Here is the run down...Tamar is  making sure she is bring home her coins. It seems that she didn't get a chance to finish the last video shoot for her new single " Let Me Know ft. Future".  So they had to shoot some more.  For Tamar it was a tight schedule to get the video shoot and the segment of The Real taped all on one day.  Like she always say ...get your life and she gets it every time.   

Also on the episode, a woman that is diagnosed with brain cancer request, as her dying wish, to meet Tamar Braxton.  It was very touching to see that Tamar may have an out there character but she has a huge heart that can hold the world.  One of her prize possessions that she kept since she was 18, she gave to the woman.  Now thats REAL. 

So Tamar I must say in this episode, I really had my heart strings tugged a little for that moment.  Keep doing what your doing. And the Fashion Line girl is out of this world. 

To watch the Video of  "Let Me Know ft. Future" CLICK HERE.  

XoXo DD 

Tamar Braxton
Tamar Braxton