Feature: Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion Part1

First off: Teairra and Ray J

Ok everyone now you know its time to dish the dirt on the reunion of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. As you should know so far that the foolery already started in around 5 minutes.  People talking about pulling off wigs and beating people down.  Whats up with that shit???  Now I see that Ray Jay is back with Princess which I don't like at all but hey what do I care.  I think that Ray j really needs to just stay with this girl and leave Teairra Mari alone.  Now Morgan needs to explore her horizons and take her 15 minutes of fame to bigger heights.  Don't worry Teairra Mari,  you will find someone that will be ten times the man Ray J will ever be.  Oh and Princess needs to learn some football. 

Hazel E and  Yung Berg

Hazel E and Yung Berg...What is up with this??? 

Now in the show he has been up front with Hazel E  and she has been in the pretty clouds all day.  Please wake up girl you deserve better then this little guppy.  Now on the reunion why are the girls fighting each other over these herbs.  Well Hazel E I see you just started the new thing about the "fun size".  I have to steal that one.  Now that the new male body part size that its not that putting it down size.  Its called the Fun size ladies lol.  So Hazel please check the guys before you go out with them.  

Masika and Nikki

Masika and Nikki is Next... The beauty and the Plastic Doll. ( don't go near the fire) 

Ok it is me or Is Mally Mal a catch?  Well to me ...HELLLLLLLL NOOOOOOOOOOOO.  What is up with these women and the men they pick.  Ok now Nikki is saying that her and Mally where together for 1 year and a half.  They broke up because he was in the studio all the time and didn't have any time for her.  OMFG if you knew that he was into music then you should expect that my dear.  Music when it comes to business is a lifestyle and your life so you have to deal with it.  Now Mally played both woman and he is also a big punk to me.  He is just wack period.  Now her mother have the worse mouth then her daughter.  I don't know why I watch this show at all but I guess its just a train wreck that you can't  stop watching.  

Man too much heat, too much drama, too much Love and Hip Hop anything but I have to catch part two tomorrow on VH1.  

I will see you there. 
The cast of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood
The cast of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood