Another Sunday another Bad Day

Ok everyone its sunday December 14th and Im at work trying to make those coins raddle.  I really thought that this day was going to be a cold one but It happen to turn out nice.  I was just thinking about this year and the Holidays and what to do.  I know alot of people ask me ...are you going to spend it with a loved one.  I am going to tell them yes ...Im going to spend it with me.  Sometimes I wish I could spend it with a someone but Im special.  Im specail to a point that I have to jump back and kiss myself lol.  Like I was saying Im here working today and had to take a break because my phone was going dead and i needed to charge it.  So I stop into Starbucks for a minute. Ohhh one of the wonderful things that i received yesterday was a beautiful song sung by my two little sunshines from Holland.  I must say I have a lot of kids.  All my friends kids are my kids.   They sang the song in Dutch and in english which i loved. I cant wait to see then.  I will get the chance to see them next year .

Another thing i have notice is that everywhere you see people selling Christmas Trees.  The smell of pine is the best for the holiday.  One of these years Im going to go and see the lighting of the tree with someone special and have pipping hot chocolate.  It will happen so for the mean time Im going to have that special moment with me.