Kendra On Top or Fall to the Bottom

What really happen with the scandal of Hank???
Kendra on Top

What the hell is going on here? I just finish watching the untold story of Kendra on top and this idiot still wont say what happen with him and this Trans broad.  Listen how I look at ti is that he has not said anything or answered any of the questions that Kendra asked.   So in other words to me ...He had slept with Ava Sabrina London, a transsexual and now is so ashamed.  If you don't talk about it then people are going to say you did it if you didn't do it.  I feel bad for Kendra because when woman give up the fun life for the dream life most of the time it gets destroyed.  They realize that the dream is just a dream.  But don't get me wrong I also do feel bad for Hank because all his life was football and now that he is retired what does he have to fall back on.  He feels that he has nothing if Kendra leaves him. From hearing about his life he really didn't have his What If plan.  Now this guy is depress and is trying to snap out of it.  

I see that I acted a little one sided. I should look at it like I normally do.  You see for me to understand a person you will have to understand their past to know more about their present. Remember our past kind of mold us into the person we are today. Now just giving it sometime to think about the situation with Kendra and Hank, I hope they both get through this. I don't know ...Im starting to have a small soft spot for them. We will have to see.