2016 New Years Resolution...Lets Begin.

Well we are here...2016. What's going to be different this year from last year? Are we going to laugh more, cry more, yell to the roof tops that "F the World" or just be quiet for another year.  I am trying to do all of the above. I think that I just need to be free and open then how I was years pass. I am starting that thing that people call a "New Years Resolution" which a lot of people make and don't keep.


You see I have learned a lot last year that opened a new chapter in my life of learning me.  I see that I need to focus on all the blessings that are coming to me this year.  I know that I am not the only one that feels this way. A lot of people always look at there lives and try to do something different with it for the new year.  Some go to the old Res of ...GYM TIME to try and get they body in shape for the summer which is so far away. So that's why my gym is so packed on the days I go now.  Damn you New Year lol. Just in case your gym is super packed there is always meditations and breathing that can help a lot to for the gym madness. And believe me you are going to need it.  I know one thing that will be excellent for everyone is to fix inner self and how we see the world.  There is a book that I must say is challenging for self and to make change of self.  You will love this book. It helped me a lot.  Its called ...


Now the first time I read this book, I started to really relate to things that I do in life.  And now I understand why I haven't moved forward in certain areas. You can actually relate this to everyday living. It kind of helped me to step of the edge and to fly to my goals.  So I really recommend this book.  So listen don't be afraid to step out the box and explore the world in a new light.  Hey its a New Year so go for it.