About Wow Audio Blog

Welcome to my place of mind blowing thoughts.  Well my name is Dee Dee and I'm apart of the Wow Audio Blog World.  You must be wondering what is this all about???  Well this is a place where you can come to and get any info or point of view on whats going on in the world.  You see I have a habit that I really speak my mind and sometimes hope that the old time will resurface again.  The times when the entertainment was creativity.  And the daily gossip was the Enquirer.  I know i know that that sounds ancients but it was a time of being more with family and true friends.   Now when I think about it, I remember when are games use to be hide and seek or double dutch.  We use to love riding bikes and roller skating up and down the block where are parents could see us.  Then the sounds of the magic truck would sing his song of ice scream and candy that all kids was drawn too.  No little kid couldn't resist the sound of the Ice scream truck.  We would play until the alarm of the street light comes on an it was time to go inside.  We definitely had to rest up to do it all again the next day unless its a school night. 
Now that I am older on the outside but I'm still young on the inside which I keep an open mind to the world today.  Now that we have a lot of devices and cell phones and tablets ....sometimes it seems that we lose the meaning of how to cherish life.  We need to get back to that to appreciating life and love.  Im hoping that Im not the only one that feels this way here.  If there was a day that all electronics just didn't work then what do you have to keep your selfs entertained.  These devices and gadgets are just for the moment but you have to have something that will last for a life time.
I guess that is what WOW is all about.  Just giving you the warm feels of home, reality good memories, open views on everything and more.  I give you what music is to me so you know who I am and my views so you know who I am.  
So I hope you stay awhile and enjoy the wide world of WOW Audio Blog.